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Tag: eunji

How I fell down the Kpop rabbit hole and woke up with snail mucus on my eyelids

Mentally I wasn’t on a slippery slope, I was in a free fall only minimally slowed by the near vertical walls of a sinkhole with nothing to grab hold of to slow my fall. The video started with a sprinkling of lounge piano playing with the familiar rasp of vinyl over it. Then the intriguing spoken lines of “I’m so sick of lying, you gotta know that…”

Do you believe in Being Brave? The story of underdog girl group Brave Girls

Second incarnation reboot of a failed girl group forgotten by the general public, passed over by their own company and producers now staging an unlikely guerilla comeback fuelled by a brilliant song, the support of the South Korean Military and True grit:

This is the unfolding and unlikely story of the Brave Girls and the song Rollin’.