Step into my world

I write this blog about my passion for pop culture, food and style – interests that may be easy to distinguish but that always have been very hard for me to separate.
This place was made as a creative outlet for me to write freely about the things I love and as a break from the grind and the mundane.

Expect stuff about Kpop and whatever other pop cultural phenomena that currently interest me, as well as reviews, opinions and thoughts about design and clothes as well as some awesome food content. Mixed bag? You bet! Indispensably stylish, exciting and intriguing? You tell me! At some point I might even add some non-professional insights into being a parent too.

Part French and part Japanese I was born, raised and live in Stockholm, Sweden and work in the tech sector with SaaS products. Having always loved the heart beat of big cities my dreams are drenched in bright lights and neon with the ambient noise of an airplane whisking me away to off world colonies.

A former entrepreneur and man about town, nowadays I, with a stripper flourish, rip off my business casuals underneath which I proudly wear the undeserved super hero uniform of a Dad of amazing twin daughters without whom I would be nothing.