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Category: Pop

SKAM & Young Royals: The reviews

While most Scandinavian stuff makes me feel like Jordan Belfort on particularly vintage quaaludes, the series SKAM and recently Young Royals have really surprised me.

Strange Kpop PT6: Ending Fairy

The Kpop scene is like a pressure cooker for strange new concepts. The expression ending fairy might conjure up images of some unusually ill willed magical creature tap dancing at the end of the world and while there certrainly are quite a few men who would be considered effeminate within Kpop, this expression has nothing to do with gender nor feminine behaviour. Ending fairy is both more simple and, at the same time, more complex than that.

Singapore Social (2019)

With a resounding 5.1 IMDB score and a rumoured “love to hate” reception from native Singaporeans, is Singapore Social worth a watch? Is there something there for both the docu-soap aficionado as well as someone interested in getting a glimpse or immersing themselves into the social life of Singapore?

Strange Kpop PT5: Let’s (only) Walk the Flower Road

As you get deeper into the wondrous and strange world of Kpop you’ll encounter a few expressions that sound intriguing but whose cultural meaning and nuance escapes you. There are few that capture the cultural uniqueness of South Korea and Kpop like “Let’s walk the Flower Road” or alternatively “Let’s only walk the flower road”. A saying with multiple meanings and used in several different contexts that has fascinated me since I heard it the first time. 
Let me take some of your time to tell you about what I’ve come to understand about it.