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Category: Review

SKAM & Young Royals: The reviews

While most Scandinavian stuff makes me feel like Jordan Belfort on particularly vintage quaaludes, the series SKAM and recently Young Royals have really surprised me.

Singapore Social (2019)

With a resounding 5.1 IMDB score and a rumoured “love to hate” reception from native Singaporeans, is Singapore Social worth a watch? Is there something there for both the docu-soap aficionado as well as someone interested in getting a glimpse or immersing themselves into the social life of Singapore?

Idol Drama Operations Team (2017)

I used to hate doing burpees until i found the right song to motivate me. An upbeat Kpop production called “Deep blue eyes”. A song that had randomly found its way onto one of my playlists. The song was performed by the “Girls Next Door”, a girl group that was new to me. Watching the “Deep Blue Eyes” video on Youtube I realised it was a collaboration between several artists, a few of which I was familiar with. The song had been made to promote the variety show “Idol Operations Team” which in turn was a promotion and kind of behinds-the-scenes series about the web drama “Let’s only walk the Flower Road” that was written in an autobiographical style by the participants of Idol Drama Operations Team. Complicated? You bet! Kpop doesn’t become more meta than this…

Cobra Kai – the review

For anyone loving the aspirational underdog classics like Rocky and Karate Kid, Cobra Kai provides all you want from the genre, but also outpaces and outscopes the expected range of the category. With a great cast and just enough production value needed to evoke the right feeling, Cobra Kai is both the spiritual successor and heir apparent to the first Karate Kid film but also has the time to explore things that were only hinted at in the films. The story seems simple: Cobra Kai top dog Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso, the star of the Karate kids films, square off once again making you ask that all-important question:
In the world of McMansions, McDojos and leg sweeps – Will heaven finally arrive?